Lucha Va Voom 2013-19 Los Angeles, the gorgeous dirty lush urban jungle of a city waves many banners to denote our dedication to tradition. This year I found that Lucha Va Voom is a shining example of just what were all about.

Lucha Va Voom 2013-3

Since 2003,  Lucha Va Voom has existed as what I like to describe what you would see as primetime show right before The Running Man in a post apocalyptic tv lineup. Hosted by a slew of comedians over the years as commentators (Drew Carey was in attendance as the night's special guest), Lucha takes you through the motions of classic Mexican\Hispanic history and traditions and of the Cinco de Mayo celebration.

Lucha Va Voom 2013-13

Fast forward to the steel arenas of Luche Libre wrestling, complete with contenders clad in sparkling garb. No wrestler was without his entourage for that matter; scantily uniformed female entourage in tow.

Lucha Va Voom 2013-8

If two things can make a guy feel right on a warm Cinco de Mayo in Los Angeles, Corona and bountiful burlesque dancers clad in Dodgers colors. By the looks on the faces of many there, this was near bliss. This event has the makings of greatness on the scale of Metal Skool\Steel Panther (with Cinco de Mayo being a special night) level success. One sold out night simply isn't enough. Check out pictures from the night below!

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When they yell Lucha, you yell Va Voom. Remember that.

Until next time my friends,