The Lindsay Lohan economy is booming, her paparazzi affording Cristal, leasing Lamborghinis, and getting an extra scoop of ice cream at 31 flavors. One thing the paparazzi love to get is evidence of Li-Lo sneaking the juice. Here are the top ten voyeuristic illustrations:

10. Eating Out

li-lo-restaurant1Lindsay and BFF Sam Ronson were spotted at a Larchmont Village restaurant in L.A. recently.  When Sam took a quick trip to the restroom, Lindsay was spotted by fellow patrons sneaking into the back kitchen and drinking sanitation solution. Apparently Sam was suspicious after she came back to the table and Lindsay burped a bubble.

9. Vodka Caramel Macchiato

lindsay-lohan-gets-starbucksAlthough the paparazzi never actually got a shot of Lindsay pouring liquor into her espresso beverage, an employee at a local Starbucks said Lindsay had ordered a drink from him and asked if he could put vodka in it. Being a disgruntled minimum-wage employee, he actually had vodka on him and filled her request.

8. A.A. Book

li-lo-aa-book273666386_d4eb2f0a90Paparazzi where able to get an up close glimpse of Lindsay's A.A. treatment book, where upon opening, they found it hollowed out with a flask that smelled "Like something our grandfathers use to clean their carburetors with," they told BTH.

7. Raise Your Glasses

li-lo-chew-glassesLindsay was spotted smuggling a potent clear liquid inside the end of her sunglasses. The razzi caught her drinking the alcohol after a simple twist off of the end piece a' la the old prohibition canes.

6. Pool Party

6a00d8341c026253ef00e54f85f7078834-800wiPaparazzi sneaked photos of Lindsay drinking out of her pool, right before getting word from her neighbors that they had found hundreds of empty bottles of Blue Curacao liqueur in their recycling. Current thought is that her hot tub is also filled with vodka after she was spotted mixing hot tub water with pool water in a highball glass with ice, than adding pineapple juice and an orange peel.

5. Vons

lindsay-lohan-store-01Last Thursday, Li-Lo was spotted buying carts of Listerine and Nyquil at a Vons supermarket. When asked by a paparazzi about her shopping choices, Lindsay responded "I just have gingivitis w/ cold symptoms."

4. Camels

lindsay-lohan-fake-cigaretteLindsay was caught using a hollowed out fake cigarette to hold overproof liquor. The cigarette was easily found to be fake after, well, Lindsay was seen drinking overproof liquor out of it. Apparently Camel is interested in Lindsay having her own cigarette line so the company can make an unprecedented foray into the currently untapped celebrity alcoholic market.

3. Cupcakes

lindsay_lohan-cupcakesLindsay was seen walking out of a local LA bakery carrying orange and chocolate liqueur cupcakes. A passerby mentioned to Lindsay that the alcohol cooks out and Lindsay immediately went back inside and asked if she could make a return.

2. Russian Spring

SPL20363_007Li-Lo was spotted hiding vodka in her water bottle as she was on her way to meet with her agent last week in Hollywood. Paparazzi knew it was vodka after they saw Lindsay get hit by a parked car.

1. Google

lindsay-lohan-knivesA photo leaked of Lindsay having Sam Ronson attempting to cut open her breast. This photo is cropped but the original caught a glimpse of Li-Lo's computer in the background with a website about how drinking pureed cilicone has psychoactive effects similar to tequila.

AuthorAustin Rafter