handisign2The only thing I hate as much as those assholes that park their Porsche Cayenne in the Handicapped parking spaces at Taco Bell are the Handicapped people that park in ours. Go ahead, get it out of your system. SHOCK! Awe! Dismay!! HOW could you yell at the handicapped? EASY! They’re assholes just like everyone else. Saying that parking is valuable real estate in Los Angeles is like saying that water is relatively important to the human body. I love this city but I only curse it when I’m looking for parking, so when I see two elderly people in a Handi-issue licensed car park in one of MY spaces when they have 4 Handi-spots at their disposal I get Danny Bonaduci mad.

WTF?! You don’t see me getting away with that kind of flagrant disregard for the rules so why do you? Your rotten lot in life is unfortunate but at least you get VIP parking! My rotten lot in life is having to circle and get towed so F-You!

Are you semi-Handi and don’t like feeling disabled? Appreciate the advantages you have! You don’t see me bitching about having functional legs on the basis that I might seem arrogant for using them! It’s not about you Asshole, it’s about the bigger picture. Sacrifice your pride for the greater good and give me back my space!

Maybe their not Handi, but simply borrowing the car? Big fucking deal! Take advantage of the spaces you’re legally allowed to park in and leave me mine please! Afraid the PoPo with slap you on the wrist? Frankly, they should thank you for giving them one less ticket to write. It’s L.A., they have enough to do and if the Douche-bag in the Cayenne isn’t getting a ticket, neither will you Gramps.

As for those Turds that steal their aunts Handi-tag once her hip heals…mental retardation is not a sticker worthy handicap you lazy Troll. Want a front row seat? Go park in the tow-zone.