As has been the growing trend with Halloween, more and more girls dress like sluts. It seems like Halloween has turned into the mecca of all slut conventions, letting females from all walks-of-life release their inner slut to the world. It is in my professional opinion that all females have a tendency to be more on the sultry/seductive side, but society only allows them to really "let their hair down" in this respect, once a year for Halloween. Read Lenny's thoughts on the subject here. In my quest to prove myself right, and have a good time, I went to three different parties for the Halloween weekend; I say weekend because we were fortunate enough to have the 31st land on a Friday, which meant parties Friday and Saturday night. What I really liked is that even the week prior to Halloween, many people in Los Angeles were throwing parties, and dressing up in their costumes. My favorite run-in had to be when we went to the local Denny's for terrible food at 3 a.m., after we got our drink on at Springbok. We were sitting at our table, waiting for our waiter to come by, and I noticed someone wearing a bunny suit outside. It looked like they were going to come inside the Denny's, which was making me very excited, since it felt like guaranteed shenanigans were moments away. Don't ask me why, but I knew the bunny would have meant guaranteed humor. So I started recording as the bunny came into the Denny's:

Maybe if the guy in the bunny suit would have just waited until Halloween weekend, it would not have been as special, but I am glad he did. I would also like to note that the bunny outfit was considerably more creepy in person, than it appears in that video or the pictures below. I can't really say that I am a huge fan of Halloween, and don't really like to dress up, but the bunny incident and the sheer volume of Halloween sluts made it a really enjoyable experience this year. Hopefully next year will be filled with more shenanigans, and lots more Halloween sluts. I leave you with my images from Halloween 2008 - enjoy!

Halloween 2008 Images