Music pollution is an omnipresent and inescapable poison in the world. It is a devious and treacherous thing that people don’t often think about even as it is affecting them. Consider the negative emotions that spawn from hearing the first song you ever experienced with your former significant other, or the anger you feel when someone is blasting a genre of music that you hate. Music is everywhere…and deadly.

What is Music Pollution?

Music = Noise!

Music pollution comes in many different forms.  It can be loud music that stops you from hearing the person next to you. It can be Christmas music assaulting you while you shop. It can be a song that distracts you from homework, studying, or anything else you need to do. In all cases, music pollution is a sonic invasion that you would have rather avoided.  Any time you want silence and there is sound, you have music pollution.

Effects of Music Pollution

Music pollution has many negative effects. The most important of these is the disruption of communication. Places such as bars will usually have music, and many of them have it at high volumes. While this may be intended in order to make men and women rub up against each other in order to talk, it can be very unwanted. If you have a group of people in a room, the last thing you want to do is shout all night long in order to communicate.

A secondary effect of music pollution is that it can change emotions. If you’ve ever worked in retail during the holidays, you know the complete torture that comes from listening to the same 20 songs for 8 hours a day. It gets significantly worse during Christmas. This repetition can lead to anger and hostility, and left unchecked, it can turn the best of workers into a mass murderer.

Seriously. Musical Toaster.

Finally, music pollution can distract from the important things. With sound coming from every device a person owns, from the computer to the toaster, it can be difficult to focus on tasks that need to be completed. This is common among people going to school, who listen to music while doing homework. It is also common for someone to be listening to music while taking a phone call. This can result in miscommunication, and you might end up agreeing to go shopping with a girl when you thought she said something else entirely.  Definitely a problem.

How to Stop it?

While reducing the total amount of music pollution in your life can be difficult, there are ways that may help. If you’re in a bar and want to have a conversation with someone you met, invite her back to your place. Tell her that you’d love to continue discussing the importance of Hobbesian theory on the condition of the government, but you would prefer to do so in a quiet place. She will almost certainly agree. To get around retail store music, simply wear earphones. The bigger, the better. People may make fun of you for wearing them, but you won’t be able to hear them anyway. And of course, in your home, you can just turn the music off. Really. Silence is golden.