facebook-logoSay what you will about Facebook but like it or hate it, it does have purpose in this world and it is here to stay.  Why do I bring up the Social Networking Titan?  Simple; I have figured out what great good it has done for my life and I now feel the need to justify all those hours that I spend playing Mafia Wars and sending virtual flowers to my friends. In our increasingly global generation, the utility of Facebook has reunited a great many of us with friends from High School, College or that job you had in another state/country (and man do you miss those people!).  It has enabled us to reconnect with people we genuinely wanted to be reconnected with…as well as the occasional and or rather frequent 200 odd people that we didn’t necessarily need and or want to be reconnected with, but our (my) desire to be polite and likable has lead us to click the accept button on the friend request….then again maybe you’re that charming asshole (and I like assholes, don’t forget) that only accepts the requests from people who are cool enough for you and refuse to let the masses fill up your “friend” space.

That being said, what is the point of reconnecting with lost acquaintances?

It eliminates the need to ever go to a reunion.


Think about it; What do people really get out of reunions?  You run around a gym or hotel for a few hours, tell everyone you recognize (or don’t) what you do, who you married and/or divorced and why your kids drive you crazy, those adorable little devils *wink*.

Well…I don’t want to do that!...and now I don’t have to.  My curiosity about a few people has been satisfied thanks to some emails, a super poke here and there, photo albums and my favorite, a visit to my (or your) city and cocktails courtesy of my knowledge of their being in town via FB.


I know who you married, I know what your kids look like and I see that you like to send virtual flowers to save square inches of the Rainforests so your politics haven’t changed much.  Cool!  Now let’s commence with our futures, instead of wondering about our past.  Mysteries solved, case closed, check your homepage for updates if you like, enjoy being more intimately connected to your favorites more than once every 10 years, and don’t waste the plane fair!


Let’s not forget Networking!  VIVA networking.  Do you now work in similar fields with people you had something in common with when you were 18?  No surprise really and now you can help each other if you like!  No more drunken business card passing over the open bar which you just end up dropping in the parking lot while you’re screwing your crush from 15 years ago up against a school bus…too far?!  Ok, but you have to admit, Facebook is way better…and dude, Mafia Wars!