So I’m sitting down at the end of the week, determining how broke I am at this point in time, and something hit me. I was starting to wonder where all my goddamn money was going to. Mind you, my desk is quite the trash pile, but the daunting blue slips of paper folded on my desk signified just how far up my ass the government was. Those were my paycheck stubs that break my heart every fortnight.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love America and everything, but twenty percent out of paycheck is nothing to smile about. Really guys? Twenty percent? I haven’t seen a raping that bad since Charlize Theron in monster. Yeah I said it.

Luckily though, while on my daily journeys around the world via my comfortable desk chair, I stumbled upon the gem of Death and Taxes. The boys at Lifehacker.com were clearly as sore in the bum as I, and as a result, gave us this spectacle to ogle at.


This is from a website called Wallstats.com, whose apparent mission is to give us a visual (framed even) representation of some of the most staggering moments in our past and in some cases, even future.

In a nutshell, the government has to propose a budget to be amended and eventually enforced for this nation, which will use the rape-funds that we suffer for every year. The president has to give the final go ahead for all of this, and then the spending begins.

There are over 500 programs and departments who want a piece of the bum bum pie, but not all are created equal obviously, as you can see here. Each circle represents a department or program that congress wants to enact a certain amount of money into. The bigger the circle, the more money put into that category.

I love this because most people I know would never take the time to ask questions about what their government is doing with their money (let alone even think about what their money is being spent on) every year. But alas, now we have no excuses; for the 2009 fiscal year at least, with this poster.

You can buy this poster to mount at your house (even have it framed if you’re nasty), for all your friends to see; although it might ruin the mood after going to the club and blowing 200 bucks on drinks and dances.

If you look it up on the website, you can actually zoom into the poster to get a better view of everything, if you don’t plan on buying this bad boy. I recommend you have a look-see at the page, if only for Death and Taxes, I don’t think I’ll be buying a copy of the poster, but I am however contemplating the poster that is currently in production, that gives us a visual representation of the history of some of the most interesting facts about black history to happen in the last 400 years. But that’s for another time.

Also, check the blog of these guys, because I found it interesting how such an amazing idea could get banned by the apparently power hungry Digg.com (and yes, my article will have a Digg affiliation). I won’t spoil anymore fun for you, so just get back to the basics. You know, those two things that will never end, keeping your bum sore for the next millennia: Death and Taxes.