Common courtesy is much too hard to come by these days. Normally I wouldn't go as far as posting an entire blog about this; but in doing so I really hope that it enlightens some of the more ignorant people (AHEM, MALE SPECIES) in our society. You know, I understand why my friends get uneasy around me in social situations. I can be very confrontational when under the influence of alcohol (what do you expect out of an Irish-Italian Leo), but extremely passive aggressive otherwise (with a stronger lean towards the latter). There is a very fine line drawn between the two, but tonight I wasn't takin' no crap from nobody (read: DeNiro in Taxi Driver). By the time I left work it was nearly 8pm and to put me in a kitchen at that point would have been just about as useless as a whore in a monastery. After getting worked up in traffic during the ride home, followed by an absurd parking lot debacle, I just wanted to pick up my Thai takeout and sit the fuck down on my couch. As I walked into Win's I noticed a rather portly man walking towards the door in a sweatsuit jumbling his phone and bag o' thai, so I held the door open for him. Note that there was surely PLENTY of time for me to open the door for myself, enter the restaurant, let the door close, while still giving Sweatsuit Fatty room to advance a few more steps towards the door and open it for HIMSELF. Instead, I kept my feet firmly in place and held that fucker wide open until the man made his exit. And an exit it was.

No "thank you," no smile, no eye contact, no nod, no glance at my cleave -- NOTHING that even hinted at the acknowledgment of my existence. Awoken the sleeping dragon, you have.

Watch out, I am dangerous

Me: [As smug as humanly possible, with a hip-check into his plastic bag of food] "You're WELCOME, KIND SIR!!!"

Tubby Bitch: "Oh REALLY!!!" [In a baby voice] "Tank you! I should say TANK YOU!!!!!"

I blocked out all sound of his baby voices that continued after I let the door close behind me. I kept walking toward the register, middle finger displayed high in the air. I gave it to him as hard as I could, and I knew that he saw it.

What I should have done was asked him IN WHAT CRUEL WORLD does he let a girl HALF his size and AGE hold a fucking door open for him without saying "HEY THANKS"?? I should have ripped his slutbag mother a new one for bringing up such a fine piece of work.

nice rack

What I should have said was, "I'm sorry Mr. Manners, that you're sooo completely enthralled with your phone conversation and ravenous appetite that you cannot take the time to show some fucking DECENCY towards a woman who went ABOVE AND BEYOND to display a smidge of common courtesy that most people seriously lack these days. MY BAD."

 Overworked and underpaid, the story of my entire fucking existence. Damn the man.