I was told months ago about The Rebel Bingo Club for the first time by BTH's Flak after I saw the disco ball addition to his home. When I was invited to come shoot the hilarity, I jumped at the chance for the possibility of a disco ball of my very own or at least to get the photos of someone else winning something as random and fantastic. I finally made it out this time to the rebel bingo where people dance, draw on each other, dress like Alex DeLarge of The Clockwork Orange and party in what can only be described as the love child of the electric daisy carnival and a strangely sexy bingo club.

Walking around the two rooms and outdoor area of the venue, I was greeted by people painted in marker and by then end my arms were covered and for about a day and a half, still said "HI!" in bright purple marker. Thank you Rebel Bingo! I may have my newest tattoo design in the works.

When asked how many people came to her last party, the grand prize winner shyly answered "just six". Moments later she was given the grand prize, a old school boom box, and a room filled with about six hundred new friends. I hope, and am sure, that her next party will be a much greater success!

Started in the basement of a church in London by a couple of event promoters, the party has come to Los Angeles and has gained  a well deserved following. Why wouldn't it? Basically it's dressing up to play an innocent game your grandmother plays, but with sexy hosts, while drinking, dancing, and finding yourself surrounded by the fantastic characters I captured in the photos below. (of course with a big smile and a double thumbs up by our very own Flak) I think nights like these are what we all meant when we said we never wanted to grow up.


Photos by Ohio (Tamea Agle) www.photobytamea.com


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See you at the shows!

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