Actress Sandra Bullock is putting the positive back in HIV by giving husband Jesse James the gift that keeps on giving…AIDS! The 45 year old Academy Award winner is proving an inspiration to women everywhere by showing that revenge is a dish best served with a side of sexual transmitted disease. After all, what better way to say “you shouldn’t have cheated on me” than by turning your adulterous partner’s penis into a biological weapon? Sandra Bullock: A face only an idiot would cheat on

Jesse James, best known for his role as Sandra Bullock’s husband, was recently caught having multiple affairs. Much like Tiger Woods, but without any of the charm, James failed to realize that there could be any repercussions to his actions. Little did he know, the Hollywood superstar would find a way to teach him a lesson he won’t ever forget.

While most women would sit in a corner and cry about their husband’s infidelity, Sandra Bullock has proven that there is a better way to deal with the situation. Sacrificing her clean bill of health for the good of all, Bullock sought out a proper way to deter women from sleeping with her husband. The answer was simple: inject herself with a needle dirtier than the sluts James slept with, get HIV, and share it with her husband.

An idiot: Jesse James

Sandra’s will is truly remarkable. Not many people would be willing to acquire a deadly disease or sleep with their cheating husband one final time. Bullock, however, proves what we’ve known about her all along…that she is righteous. Reports have surfaced stating that she plans on taking a break from acting to focus on teaching women how to do the right thing when their man is a cheating bastard. When BTH asked the beautiful visionary her views on spreading HIV to two-timing whores, she only had this to say:

"What we are doing here will be the change that everyone wants to see. Not only will men be reluctant to cheat on women if they know that they will get AIDS when they are found out, but women will be reluctant to spread their legs for cheaters knowing that they could get AIDS themselves. If every time a man cheats on his wife, two women (the wife and the treacherous trollop) acquire AIDS, eventually no one will cheat, or there will be no one left at all."

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