I’m late on this one. I apologize. There’s a day called Denim Day. On this day, people wear jeans to raise awareness and educate the public about rape and sexual assault. This event began after an Italian Supreme Court judge ruled that a girl, who said she was raped, was not raped because she wore tight jeans. You see, a guy can’t remove a girl’s tight jeans on his own, thus she must have helped. If she helped, the sex was consensual. This upset people and Denim Day is designed to remind people that the judge may have suffered brain injuries at some point. Let me start by saying, I agree with Denim Day in principle. Denim Day Logo

Conceptually, though, I think Denim Day has a major failing. The failing (which should be obvious) is that you’re only thinking about it one day per year. Instead, I suggest “Don’t Rape People Year.” This is an event that lasts the entire year. It starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st. It happens every year. During this event, people are reminded that they shouldn’t rape people or otherwise sexually assault anyone. While one day might work for Holidays such as Easter or Hanukkah, I think it is insufficient for not raping people. Even Yoga has a full month (September).

Now, I know what you’re thinking. By designating a single day, you bring specific awareness to the day, whereas if you have a whole month, people forget about it midway.  I’d like to suggest that thinking about not raping people for half a year, is still better than just one day. Do you agree? You should.

As this year’s Denim Day comes to a close, we begin Don’t Rape People Year. Seriously. Don’t rape people. It’s not cool.

Seriously, don't rape people.

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