starbucks So I’m an Actor living in Los Angeles and Celebrity sightings are just something that happen, and as an Actor, you know perfectly well that they are just regular, screwed up people just like everyone else, only thrust into extraordinary circumstances.  They have people that they look up to in the same way and in that regard are no different from the rest of us.

My first Celebrity sighting was Lawrence Fishburne at a stoplight in Pasadena and even then, I barely flinched.  He’s just a normal giant sized guy crammed into a little sports car.  No biggie!  There are even a few of my inner Nerd’s Hero’s that I have come to meet and managed to hold it together and not mention how awesome I think they are as I puddle myself.  High five, go me…nothing more embarrassing in this town…except maybe…nah, nothing.

I don’t, I repeat, DON’T camp out in coffee shops composing my latest screenplay, sucking on java praying that someone cooler than me walks in the door…but the other day, it happened.  I could be cool and keep this bit of embarrassment to myself, though cool has never been my forte’.

I went to Starbucks on Monday because my stolen WiFi was crapping out as usual and I had things to do, so I put on my finest baseball cap and the most sultry pair of sweatpants in my closet and camped out in a corner for a little under an hour before my parking arrangement expired when the universe tugged on my ear and inexplicably bade me turn my head.  There he stood, a man I would recognize anywhere and the way he casually teetered on his Chuck Taylors as he waited to order his coffee just melted my inner 20-year-old’s heart.  A long time crush of the heart and of the craft was right there in front of me, and I smiled.

“What do I do?”…well that’s a dumb question!  You fucking sit there and drink your coffee and mind your own business, that’s what you do.  Stupid girl, leave the man in peace and don’t, whatever you do, rush over there and tell him how much you respect his entire body of work above a great many Actors…period.  He just wants to be left alone.

Eye contact!  Ah!!!  I wasn’t supposed to do that…fuck!  Look down and continue to type.   Don’t…don’t…DON’T!  Ah!  You looked!  Now he’s putting on his sunglasses in that “Uh oh, people recognize me” way.  LOOSER!  I’m such a fucking looser.  I’ll just wait until he leaves so I can catch a quick look at his butt as he walks out the door (come on, we all do it!).  BUSTED!  He turns his head to look then waltzes out the door.  Safe, at last, from myself…or am I?

Thirty seconds later he walks back in the door.  Must have forgotten something…in the chair directly across the room from me?!  Sits down.  Sunglasses off and does almost nothing for what feels like an eternity.  Fiddles with his phone, picks at his muffin and I swear to you, looks at me…a few times.  Is he flirting with me?? I smile because I’m flattered at the mere prospect and hide behind my laptop like kids hide from monsters under their bed sheets and attempted to look busy, probably making an ass of myself in the process.

What do you do?!  The layers are infinite.  Do you work up the courage to walk across the room and hope that while hitting on a person that is probably only flirting with you in your own minds eye whilst wearing your sweatpants that he doesn’t look at you like your totally insane and call the brut squad?  Would I (I?) walk up to “just some guy” I thought was cute at Starbucks and hit on him?  No, I don’t do that, ever.  They come to me and I look at them like I don’t speak English.  So why make an exception?

Maybe the fact that he walked out 10 minutes later and I wished that I HAD worked up the courage to do so is why.  As a few people have posed the question to me, “What did I have to loose?”  Well, other than my dignity, which I have been saying all week, whatever that really means.  What’s wrong with being bold in the face of uncertainty and almost assured rejection?  Really?  Yes I am newly single and had no intention of seeing new people, but life is so short and when something makes you flutter like that, shouldn’t we all just go for it even if the whole thing turns out to be a bust?  I think maybe we should.  Better luck next time, if there is ever a next time.  (Wow that sounds awfully glass half empty now doesn’t it?!  Blah!)