rackets-incorporatedHow embarrassing!...for you.  I was witness to a scene this week that got under my skin so badly I just can't keep it in. I was enjoying what is ALWAYS a tasty lunch and pleasant service experience at Good Microbrewery in Silverlake with a friend when a woman two tables away began to shout at the owner and then to the rest of the dinning room exclaiming “Your PR is terrible!  I have been coming here for 8 years and I will never come back and I will tell ALL of the people I live with...”(yes, she said that) “...to never come here and that you're a crook and everyone in the restaurant should get up and leave right now!  We had a nice breakfast” bla bla bla you get the idea.

I won't subject you to what we had to continue to listen to, only to find out that this curfuffle was over $2!!!!!  Two dollars ladies and gents!  I haven't seen such a fuss made over $2 since Better Of Dead!  My hero in the back of the room offered her $10 if she would shut up and leave...and I swear the room would have pooled together more in agreement.  “Oh you're such a big-shot then why don't you pay for our lunch!” (Obviously this woman is just looking for someone to pay for her lunch).  The oldest woman at the table said “Don't laugh!  We're just 3 women having a lunch”...excuse me?  Oh now I'm pissed!

beyond-the-veilOh, we have been victimized!  Three defenseless women eating lunch (at a brewery no less!) were brutally taken advantage of when the eldest asked for a side of fruit with her breakfast and GASP!!, was charged for it!  Push aside the domestic violence and sexual assault calls for the day LAPD, these ladies were ruthlessly bamboozled in Silverlake!!!!!  Disgusting.  Grown women playing the helpless female card.  Speak for yourself ladies, if you're helpless, that's a personal problem, not one shared by your entire sex.

I guarantee you when my generation gets blue hair that doesn't come out of a Manic Panic tube, we won't be bitching about $2 fruit (probably because it will cost $10) and expecting special treatment beyond a senior discount if offered simply because we have saggy old breasts.  Open my door?  Absolutely,thank you kind and polite sir but I don't need a male escort to ensure my safety and security from the wrath of standard retail and dining dangers else I get fleeced.  What year is this?!  What BS her husband, mother and father must have feed her.

I am so glad I didn't grow up in the era of the helpless female.  It's a down right embarrassing card to play in this day and age, though I should expect no less from a woman that was grabbing at so many straws she went so far as to accuse the owner of being “anti-straight”.  What next?  Maybe he discriminates against the “cripples” and the unfortunate looking too?!!  Re-cock-ulous...and really, isn't a side of fruit ALWAYS extra?  If you're so old and experienced in the ways of restaurant etiquette you should know that.  Tisk, tisk tisk.