Yeah you, the sprayer. I don't know what it is with some of you women, but for chrissakes, if you are going to do the ol' hover move in a public restroom, you either: 1. Better have that maneuver LOCKED down - you aren't hosing down the effing patio


2. WIPE.IT.UP. News Flash: Toilet paper exists!

For some reason, some ladies assume that just cause they're at the ghetto movie theatre, Dodger Stadium, -- whichever somewhat classless establishment -- that they can spray their whiz all over the toilet seat (by avoiding actually sitting on it), and pass it on for the next person. Are you afraid of catching the HIV? Betch, VD exists because of you!

Aerial Eye-View of a Toilet

In this case, it's the inconsiderate she-beast who works on the 9th Floor of 4929 Wilshire. Fuck that! You are RUINING the 1.5 minutes of solitude that I cherish every damn time I take a seat on that fucker. Really, there are many other things that I prefer to worry about in that short time span - one NOT being the fact that your sticky DNA is now stamped all over my ass until I have to subject my hand/wrist to wiping it off.

Ladies do everyone a favor and look out for the next girl.

Wax on, wax off.

AuthorCasey Cupcakes