Maxim Restaurant, an upscale Russian joint, can be visited at 531 North Fairfax Avenue West Hollywood, CA 90036, and you can reach them via telephone at 323-653-7820. Maxim Restaurant has valet parking available; street parking is doable, but not all that easy, plus you can't show off your fresh whip out front. The restaurant has undergone new ownership in the past few months, as it was formally known as Palm Terrace. It is setup for parties over-the-weekend, with three price plans per person - $70, $90 and $110 - and regular dining throughout the week. If you are looking to dress up, dance to Russian / American live music, and eat well, then this could be the place for you.

Maxim Restaurant Front Exterior

Their menu is very diverse, and just about everything out of the kitchen is delicious, including a wide array of seafood. There will be some unrecognizable dishes to those who have never eaten Eastern European cuisine, but if you are open-minded about what you eat, you will not be disappointed (it is not like they serve baby or cow cock). I am personally a very picky eater, and I had no issue finding several dishes to indulge in. The way it is setup on the weekend is "family style" with a large variety of dishes, ranging from appetizers, salads, seafood, and some meat dishes.

Be prepared to dance with their live music, even though you will not understand much of what is being sung. The band plays some American songs, but it is predominantly Russian music. At Maxim Restaurant was one of the rare times I have seen Russian girls in Hollywood actually put their prude guard down, and have a fun time dancing in public. Needless to say, I was very happy to watch them bust their moves, if you will.

Hot Chicks Busting a Move Courtesy of this Band

There was a live show with a beautiful couple. The girl was extremely sexy, and her dancing ability really increased her sexiness by a factor of one million. Maybe two million. By the hooting and hollering from the female patrons, I suppose the guy was pretty attractive as well. I liked that they danced to American music, even though they were at a Russian restaurant, which probably means they perform at all kinds of locations; unfortunately I did not get their information, otherwise I would have posted it. Here is a video I took of one of their dance routines:

If you do go to Maxim Restaurant on a date, make sure it is with someone you care about, or someone that is definitely down to fuck because it is a bit pricey for dinner, but you do get a lot of value for your dollar. Definitely a fun and entertaining evening was had at Maxim Restaurant; good eats, fun dancing, a nice little show, and even though you will not understand most of it - good music. The building itself is decorated nicely, so remember to come dressed to impress like the asshole promoters in Hollywood like to say, or you will feel out of place. Guys you will not need a suit & tie, but a nice shirt and pants are a must, and all the women wear dresses. Sexy dresses. Mmm.

Interior of Maxim Restaurant Where Roughly 18% of the Magic Happens

Kind of a silly thing happened near the end of our evening, that really has nothing to do with the restaurant itself, but I figured was worth mentioning. For some reason, one of the groups had an actual fist fight amongst themselves as everyone was calling it a night. I tried to get some action of this, which was going well for about 4 seconds, but then some old, drunk douche bag tried to knock my camera out of my hand. More than likely he was with the group, but he should have kept his dirty mitts to himself, especially since my camera was about three weeks old at the time. You can hear my brother starting to go off on him in Russian near the end of the clip:

Cheers, bitches!

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