Dinner and a Show It's midnight, you're already trashed hell, and all you could ask of this precious, godforsaken world is a Chimichanga. No problem. Head to the Farmers Market on the corner of West 3rd and Fairfax. There's this authentic style cantina called Loteria, where Chef Jimmy has "tested and perfected" the art of the utterly delicious Mexican cuisine. How about some hot sauce with that? At Light My Fire, a pantry full of hundreds of internationally recognized condiments are at your compulsive, little fingertips. 

It's really composed of nothing more than 50 or so shacks, side by side, under harsh fluorescent lighting, without room for the luxury of personal space, but the quality of food is damn excellent. 

Traditionally, regulars head to this international house of delicacies between the hours of 10 p.m. and midnight, prime time to meet a truly diverse and down right weird crowd.

If you're not in the mood for dinner and a show, then take your cutie for a fun, mid-afternoon date, where she can sample foods from all kinds of foreign countries. From a girl's perspective, you'd earn a couple more "good boyfriend" points.

But let me tell you, after a day of shopping Fairfax, all a couple of girls could ever want is a hearty meal. So, if it's just a Saturday afternoon with the girls, after you've spent your rent money, head over and spend your last few pennies.  There's a classic ice cream parlor, way in the back, serving anything from soft serve to mint chocolate to caramel creme. Yummy and so worth it!

Now, I can't stress enough how much there is to do at the Grove and the Farmers Market. There's literally an event held every month and, the cool part is, everyone in the community gets really involved. It's great when you've lost hope in the geniality of people in L.A.

There's the Gilmore car show, held the first Saturday in June, which is really great to go with a male family member. Your little  brother will be endowed to you for years to come if you show him the hundreds of vintage and classic cars.

The Fall festival is more for the kid in all of us. A classic-style pumpkin patch and face-painting will make you see Halloween like you used to before reality hit, before you became an "adult."<

In Disguise

There's a mall attached to the market called the Grove, filled with overly-pricey shops, like M. Fredric and Anthropologie, of course. Come Winter, they like to whip out the old fifty-foot Christmas tree to really muster up some holiday spirit in everyone. This means it's time for carolers to congregate from one end of the mall to the other. It's really entertaining to watch that poor guy who's forced into singing along when he clearly has a million things to do before Christmas Eve.

And of course, there's live music by shitty bands every Thursday and Friday nights for when your date bailed and you have nowhere else to go. It's kind of fun watching the middle-aged couples dance and sing along to the classics.

Fourth of July at this mall is madness. I don't recommend it, unless you're networked and get some kind of special treatment. It's probably the busiest plot of land on the Fourth of July in West L.A.


I guarantee you, you won't leave this place without seeing some sort of celebrity, or at least a has-been. I've seen everyone from David Spade, to Lily Allen during the release of her first album Alright, Still, and I even spotted Jake Gyllenhall at dinner with Reese Witherspoon. Just an incentive to head over there.

So, good food, great people-watching, and obnoxious bands, this place has it all; it's so versatile! Chances are, your parents and grandparents remember this place too. It's the market's 75th anniversary this year. No need to cram in impromptu plans this Mother's Day, take 'em to eat!

This place has got some history!