Il Teramisu Restaurant & BarSituated comfortably on the corner of Ventura Blvd and Woodman, of the two times I have been to Il Teramisu I can honestly say that it's my favorite restaurant in Los Angeles. An Italian resto run by father and son team Ivo & Peter Kastelan and you can tell that they have put a lot of time, care and love into this restaurant. From the food to the service, it's absolutely charming. Shot of Dining Area of Il TeramisuRomantic? Yes, but without any pretension or huge hole in your bank account. I am confident that a dining experience there under any circumstances would be excellent. My first visit was a surprise gift from my boyfriend who cherishes his knowledge of this restaurant above most things, stating once we were seated that if we broke up, he gets custody of the restaurant. Being a foodie, I had nothing but respect for this statement and it made the evening even sexier, BUT I digress.

THE SERVICE: Upon arrival, we had reservations, but the resto was (and usually is) busy so there was a bit of a wait to prepare our table. We were offered a seat in the foyer and two glasses of champagne to enjoy during our wait. Obviously we were a dressed up couple, and a good restaurant never underestimates the power of a happy couple and their recommendations (case in point) and I love intelligent ownership. Once seated, our servers have always been pleasant if not utterly charming. The wine list has been meticulously assembled and whenever I have a question the Sommelier and owner always come over to answer them. Every bottle I have ever had there has been exceptional so I have reached the point where I trust the selection and simply pick something I haven't tried yet.

THE FOOD: We all love a good messy dish of paste covered in well crafted tomato sauce and cheeses, and although the menu does have those traditional American style Italian items, it also has plenty of reasonably priced gourmet tasteys to keep things from being cliché' and mundane. The food is exceptional and I did experience the ever elusive “foodgasm” (it's mine, I coined it) which I hadn't had for some time. The Butternut Squash Ravioli with a Sage Cream sauce is a regular part of the menu and is utterly delectable. The Osso Buco melts off the bone and in your mouth and nothing I have had from the menu has ever disappointed me.

MY SUMMARY: GO!...Do it right the first time. Get dressed up, plan to spend a little more money than usual, get a mid level bottle of wine, 3 courses and prepare to really enjoy yourself.

VALET: YES ENTREE PRICING: $13-$30 (most entrees under $20) ROMANTIC: YES NOISEY: Always busy, so yes, a little. CHILDREN: No kids menu (hint). Suggestion? Get a sitter, don't bring them.