Recently I was in Amsterdam for work, and I had dinner at this steakhouse called De NachtwachtDe Nachtwacht means "The Nightwatch" in English, and the restaurant is located at Thorbeckeplein 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands.  It was a little tough to find, at first, only because the guy at the conceirge desk called it "The Nightwatch" even though this is what was on the building:

De Nachtwacht - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Of course, as I am taking this picture, some weird homeless woman comes over and asks me if I have some change so she can spend a night in a hotel.  Actually, first she asked if I was American, THEN she asked me for change.  My answer was, "Yes, I am American, but I am not that kind of American."  If she was a little hotter, and a little less homeless, I would have let her stay with me at the Radisson.

So at De Nachtwacht, as with any place in Amsterdam, the beer was fantastic.  My coworker Tim (who will be pictured latered, preparing to devour his veal T-bone) was knocking back Heinekens, while I was knocking back a dark beer called De Koninck.  All the beer in Amsterdam makes the beer in American seem like cold piss in a bottle.  De Nachtwacht has seating outside, with overhead heaters, along with comfy seating inside and a bar area.  All of the staff is young and attractive, which is pretty much another norm in Amsterdam.

A dinner entree is not too expensive, besides the terrible conversion rate.  A steak, by itself (which I will explain in a second) can range from the low to high 20s (in Euros).  Why I mention "by itself" is that unlike in America, when you order an entree in Amsterdam, that is all you are getting.  If you want bread, it is another 3 Euros; if you want a baked potato, it is another 4 Euros; if you want soup, it is another 6 Euros.  I guess this is why you do not see a bunch of fat asses walking around Amsterdam.

The service was less than stellar, but that is to be expected.  Most places in Europe do not come anywhere close to American levels of customer service, but at least the people at De Nachtwacht did not come off as though we were inconveniencing them.  They just were not too fast to act, which I can deal with.  It was interesting to see how much veal they served.  I am not sure how it is in other parts of America, but in Los Angeles, you will not see veal on a menu...I love myself some delicious baby cow - what gives?

Here is Tim, getting ready to dive into his veal t-bone steak:

Baby Cow: It's What's For Dinner

We both got our steaks medium rare, and they came out exquisite.  I judge a steak on how tender it is, how much grissle the chef leaves on, and if it requires steak sauce.  I could have cut my steak with a dull baby cow's hoof, I was able to eat my entire sirloin, and the only kind of sauce I needed was in the form of beer.  This place was so good that we came back for dinner on our last night.  This time we sat inside, and I took a pciture with our waitress.  It was funny to me how unphased she was by this - either she wanted my dick (doubtful, considering I whipped it out and she said, "How sausage to go with baby cow..."), or she is used to dumb ass tourists asking to have their picture taken with her.

She Thought I Was Ron Howard

If you are ever in Amsterdam, you should definitely hit up De Nachtwacht. The food is yummy, priced well for the quality, and they always have delicious Heineken on tap. I should also add that they close at 1:30 a.m.  While we did not eat quite that late, either time we were there, we still came late and there was no issue ordering our food.  Another thing you might get a kick out of is the sexy American music they play inside.  They definintely get you in the right mood to sex up a baby cow - yummy!