The interior is saturated with so much red you'd swear the building were hemorrhaging. Black furnishings, chandeliers impose on the monopoly of red in the room. This used to be a church. Tonight, Bordello is the venue playing host to one of the best bands in L.A. you've never heard. And they're late...

Bordello of Blood(sans Dennis Miller)

The ambience at Bordello is striking and rich, perfectly suited for the dream-fuzz psychedelia of Xu-Xu Fang. They kicked off their set with their title track from their recently released EP, The Mourning Son. The band is the brainchild of Warlocks alumnus, Bobby Tamkin. While the Warlocks have a habit of stumbling aimless and lost at times in their own songs, The Fang exhibits a great sense of purpose and urgency. One only need hear the throbbing drums, pulsing and subtle guitarwork, and haunting deadpan of their singer to see that this band is anything but aimless and lost. Playing every song from their EP as well as their hit single, These Days, Xu-Xu Fang put on a captivating performance. Though the stage looked a bit cramped (three guitarists, a bassist, a vocalist, drums, and keyboards), they managed not to step on each others toes, playing meditatively, hypnotically. The set was short, no longer than 30 minutes due to the fact the the band really only has about 5 or 6 songs to their credit thus far. If you have been following this band (which you haven't) you might be a little frustrated at the pace this band is going at. They play few shows, have only recently put out an EP which followed their breakthrough single These Days about a year ago. But this makes these few shows all the more worth it.

Xu Xu FANGtastic!! HA!

There is a haunting undercurrent about their shows, as if a climax is right around the corner. Don't hold your breath though. Xu-Xu Fang shows occur so rarely and to take advantage of the opportunity to see one of the greatest bands in this city is one you shouldn't pass up. Find them if you can. Surely everyone else will.

AuthorDr. Jonathan C. Goodvibes
CategoriesMusic Reviews