What are you doing tomorrow, LA? Make your way to The Viper Room for the last night of Warner Drive's residency. Last week it was like a party and this week I am told that they promise this week to be the best yet! Picture 327

It felt like a party at the Viper room last week when Warner Drive's residency continued. Huge advocates of local music and support of their fellow Sunset Strip regulars, they invited members of other bands up for most songs and turned it into a party on stage.

"Get me a shot of whiskey!" yelled Joseph Holiday when he got up on stage to sing with Warner Drive. Holiday is known as one of the Strip's friendliest door men. On stage his Lady Sinatra persona comes out and it brings out the crowd!

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Making sure to keep each show new, the band has been mixing up not only the people in their act, but the songs as well. Playing some covers and some of their new music, they are making the shows new each week.

The set list from last week. (don't worry, this will not give away what they have in the works for tomorrow)

1. The Scarecrow 2. Fully Loaded 3. 21st Century Digital Boy (Bad Religion) 4. Cypress Grove (clutch, sung with Joseph holiday from lady sinatra as guest performer) 5. faking smiles 6. She's Got the Look (Roxette, sung with Jodie Schell from The Shakers) 7. Radar Love (Golden Earring, sung with Brandon Baumann of Diamond Lane) 8. Boys and Girls (new song from new album coming out soon) 9. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol, sung by Casper of Casper and The Bad Spirits) 10. The Whore 11. Ace of Spades (Motorhead~ weren't you wearing a motohead t-shirt?~ sung by Gabriella Demarco of Dropdead L.A.) 12. Metal Bridge

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Last year the band made their way around Europe on a tour growing a world wide fan base and a loyal group of supporters. I first saw the guys last year at The Roxy and their show is always lively and full of, probably at least a bit drunken, excitement.  The band, made up of Jonny Law  (Vocals), Ryan Harris  (Guitar), Candice Levinson  (Guitar), Elvis James (Bass) and Jonny U  (Drums) always take to the stage and demand that the audience get involved. La is known for having the standoff audience staying away from the stage. That will not fly at these shows. Get there and be ready for yelling, singing along and dancing.

Friday night is made for these guys!



(Photos by www.photobytamea.com)


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