I have seen them play many times. Each time I think that they belong in a stadium. They do! their sound it on a greater scale than that of the Satellite. Don't get me wrong, I love the Satellite, but the sound and stage presence from these guys makes me want to see them at a large outdoor venue. They'll be there!

The band, made up of Steven Wilkin (vocals/keys), Collin Desha (guitar/vocals/keys), Taylor Brown (bass/vocals/keys), Cameron Dmytryk (guitar), and Ben Smiley (drums) and based out of LA are getting ready to bring out some new songs. We were able to hear a couple of them at their show last week.

I went to the venue with my friends who had not yet seen them live. By then end of the show, they both were new fans. In a fog filled venue with very excited girls singing along, and jumping on stage, it was a great night out! "These girls have been in the front row for every show! Thank you for the support!!"

The audience knew every word and kept up for most of the night. When the set was done, the fog machine stayed on so everyone waited for an encore and it was well worth the wait. The guys came out for an encore, but that was not nearly enough and the audience started making requests... more accurately though, the audience made demands. Minnesota won over the crowd and Steven made sure to clarify. "Ok! I want to end this on a high note! You wanted Minnesota so if this ends badly, it's your fault!" The warning was not needed. The song was great and ended the night in a lovely way. Granted it was not a traditional last song, but the night was not ended on a bad note.

Check out the video here for Healthy Geometry


I love going out to see bands that I am rooting for. I first interviewed Cameron and Steven at the Satellite in November of 2011 and with their tour and 98.7 penthouse shows behind them, they are hiding out writing and recording more music. If you get the chance to see them live, go! Big arena or Satellite, either way, you will have a great night!

These photos were taken at Vanaprasta's show at The Bootleg earlier this year. (As always with Ohio's photos, you can see more at photobytamea.com)

I think this will be my last review for 2013 (Except for our "best of" awesomeness that will blast you shortly)

So Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

See you in 2013!

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