In my continued devotion to L.A. bands that play The Echo and The Smell, I have been following the musical path of Tijuana Panthers and awaiting the time when they would release a full-length album, inclusive of their long-posted MySpace playlist. The wait was not in vain, and Max Baker has some highly important new additions, namely a song called “Angie.” Listening to “Angie” as it pours down rain outside of my New York hovel, it makes me lust after the Los Angeles sunshine and the general tranquility of California. This is the song to beat on Max Baker, emulating tones of Buddy Holly and Dion and the Belmonts in its 60s pop balladry. The lyrics prove that at least one member of the Tijuana Panthers has been in love (maybe Chad), as they croon, “I remember the day when our eyes met/How anxious I was, I didn’t know your name yet” and then segues into the chorus, “Time stops and starts with the beat of my heart.” Even better than their other slow jam, “Red Headed Girl,” “Angie” speaks to women the way Hugh Hefner speaks to men.

“New Boots,” “Tijuana Two Step,” and “Don’t Give A Damn,” are also songs that can only be found on Max Baker, in conjunction with our old favorites, “Crew Cut,” “Creature,” “This Town,” and “Don’t Shoot Your Guns.” My verdict is that you should purchase this album if you have any taste whatsoever in music. It’s available on iTunes, a true sign of legitimacy.

P.S. My apologies for the lack of pictures, but I’ve really already exhausted all Google images of Tijuana Panthers in a prior review. So hurry the fuck up and get famous.