Of the countless things I love about music, one of the most important and valuable things is its ability to transport us. I had the opportunity to shoot and watch The Shins last week at The Gibson Amphitheater and I was taken to a place where my worlds collided. The Shins wrote many songs on my college playlist and they are some of the songs that bring back memories of people that brought me to where I am today.

When Caring is Creepy started, I had trouble keeping myself from singing along. I needed to take pictures, after all! That song though in particular took me back to my house in Athens, Ohio and to the people that stole my heart. I have not been back in years, and I may never go, but these songs made me miss it for a moment.

As luck would have it, other friends from Athens felt the same way. I was in the pit between songs two and three when I heard a familiar voice scream my name. Two friends from back in Ohio greeted me from the audience. We said a quick hello and they went back to dancing and I went back to shooting the show. I just love those worlds collide moments though.

The show itself was a blast. Gibson Amphitheater was not completely full but the energetic vibe made up for a couple empty seats.

The band, fronted by James Mercer, played an extremely tight set and seemed at home at Gibson, one of my favorite venues.  Currently on tour in support of their newest album, Port of Morrow, the band is making its way around North America into December. With so many incarnations of the band over the years, it is understandable that the loyal fans are sometimes wary of the new lineup. Happily though, even though members have changed over the years, Mercer picks wisely and the show is not one to be missed. He seemed as engrossed in the music as anyone in the beginning of the set but he slowly came out of his shell when he asked for help from the audience.

Calling on the audience to sing Phantom Limb caused the entire venue to light up with excitement and an obvious love for the music.


All in all a great show, the music has a completely different feel when played live. Taken back a few years I fell in love allover again and judging from the audience, I was not the only one.

If you can catch them on tour, do it! For now, be sure to check out their web site and new video at Theshins.com

Till next time, I hope to see you at the show!



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