invaders-must-dieI thought The Prodigy had fallen into obscurity, but lucky for my work-out they are back and still kickin’.  Taking a page from a whole host of other bands including Depeche Mode who hunted down the old equipment they used on their first few albums and ACDJ’s album 80’s Electronic which was comprised mostly of video game samples, ancient electronic bleeps and throwback late 80’s early 90’s tunes; the beats in this album could be considered an homage to the beginnings of digital music peppering, each track with a nugget of old school electronic beats. The title makes it sound more like a video game than an album. The first track follows right into that theme with a song that, arguably sounds more to me like the soundtrack to a racing game, but none the less has the early electronic feel with old video game style bleeps and noises that I’m only sorry to say I don’t have the nerd vocabulary to appropriately describe.  This is not to say that it doesn’t still contain elements of their signature style with racing, thumping beats but the tone is different.  The previous album had a hostile fury that felt almost angry, whereas the current album has a lightness to it, maybe not taking itself as seriously.  There are dance tunes and more vocals, some female that hail memories of the early house divas that inspired so many drag queens across the globe.


On the subject of funny track names, my favorite would have to be track 5, Take Me To The Hospital which only leads one to the question  “Why?  Because you’re so iiillllllll?!  Are the beats so sick?  Are they just crazy?!!!!”…sorry couldn’t resist the joke but I would have loved to be in on the naming conversation.

I dig the album; it’s great for a workout but I didn’t like driving to it as much as the previous album. That could have something to do with the fact that now that I live in LA, most of my driving is in traffic, instead of open roads that let me speed through Smack My Bitch Up.  You certainly can’t sit in rush hour traffic listening to this album, or you might start thinking like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

Favorite Tracks: Run With The Wolves Take Me To Hospital

FYI: This album is an independent release and can be acquired on eMusic if you have a subscription, which I highly recommend.