On I night I was supposed have off, like the true live music addict that I a have become, I Photobytamea.commade my way, with friends, to The Moth & the Flame at The Satellite. I just didn't bring my massive camera so a photo from my seeing them at The Echo will have to suffice. I first went to The Moth & the Flame at a show at The Bardot in Hollywood. It was a great venue for them and I was instantly slightly obsessed with their sound. My problem though lies in describing them to someone else. I was talking earlier with someone about our rating systems for music. Mine ranges from, "I love this and I want everyone I know to hear it!" down to "Why am I listening to this? I am sad that I am listening to this." The Moth & The Flame is the Former. I want all of you to hear it and go see them live. A lot of people have said that they are like Radiohead, and yes, I can hear the similarities and I am sure that Radiohead is a huge influence since they have been working with the Atoms For Peace producers. That said, I give them the due credit of having their own sound separate from Thom York and co. Vocalist, Brandon Robbins is what sold me on the layered sound with his melodic tones.

The lineup Monday night was great for Queen Caviate's residency. Playing early, Hotel Cinema was great. I had never heard them before but they were suggested to me and I am excited to see them again later this month (June 28th) at El Cid.Picture 310

Check these guys out! You wont regret a moment!

Till the next one,



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