It’s rare that an album can come along and make me cry from laughter. The last one I can think of was one by Adam Sandler that my friend Noah and I used to listen to.

But then, a comedic blessing in the form of Andy Samberg and his crew called The Lonely Island is given to us. These are the boys who brought us Dick in a Box, Ras Trent, and of course Lazy Sunday, via hilarious Saturday Night Live shorts.

The songs have been created by The Lonely Island since 2005. The core group is comprised of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone; all of whom hail from Berkeley, California. Currently however, New York is their base of operations for The Lonely Island. The Lonely Island showcases many filmmakers, singers, and comedians, who showcase most of their work on their website,

Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone

Recently, the boys have gotten together and actually produced an album, comprised of SNL shorts, and other songs not aired on television, called Incredibad. And let me be clear, this album is pure genius, and honestly a bit surprising at the quality of the production value.

Also surprising is the list of celebrity appearances there are on the album. I was cracking up on most of the songs, which is for the most part a parody of hip hop music. I love hip hop and everything, but this album is hilarious. With guests like Jack Black, Norah Jones, E-40, Justin Timberlake, T-Pain, and most surprisingly Natalie Portman; there isn’t a whole lot that can go wrong. But let’s talk about favorites.

First off, is track 3, Jizz in My Pants, which highlights the troubles of meeting beautiful women, and being a sensitive man in the mix, being unable to stop themselves from jizzing their pants.

Track 5 is called Sax Man, and features Tenacious D’s Jack Black. The song is about a sax man from the state of Tennessee. Jack Black is giving praise to the apparent genius of the sax man. Too bad he sucks ass, and barely plays anything. Jack Black gets pissed after multiple failed attempts to play anything. I cried when Jack Black whispers “What the ffffuck are you doing?” This shit was hilarious.

Lazy Sunday, the 6th track, is probably one of the better known songs by the group, which is a rap song about Andy Samberg and Chris Parnell preparing to go see the Chronicles of Narnia. I’ll admit, the lyrics were absolutely genius. “Throw the snacks in a bag and I’m Ghost like Swayze!”

The 10th track, Like a Boss, probably has the best hip hop parody value of the album. It’s about Andy Samberg’s productivity interview at work as a supervisor at his office. A bittersweet track.

Track 12, Dreamgirl, threw me off with how good the production value was. Plus, when you have Norah Jones singing the chorus, you can’t believe the song is about how ugly the ideal dreamgirls of the crew are. Funny shit indeed.

I’m really surprised Andy Samberg didn’t get shot over making track 13, Ras Trent. The song is about a white Rasta named Ras Trent, and his life as a Rastafarian. The best part is the heavy use of Rasta terms like ‘baldhead’, ‘hotstepper’, ‘bombaclaat’ and ‘rudeboy’.

Dick in a Box, the 14th track, features Justin Timberlake in a 90’s style R&B song. The song is about the importance of the woman in your life, and to get her a real gift this year that she will cherish forever. A dick in a box. I might give mama Blanco one for Kwanzaa next year if she’s lucky. The song even gives directions to successfully deliver this special gift.


The shocking track of the album however, is track 18, Natalie’s Rap, which features the once wholesome Natalie Portman. This bitch went crazy, talking about how she doesn’t give a fuck and drinks all night till she pukes. Apparently all the kids looking up to her can suck her dick while they’re at it.


But even after all these audible gems, I can’t help but stress the importance of track 4, I’m on a Boat. T-Pain sings backup, and helps tell the story of when Andy Samberg wins a boat ride for 3 on a baller ass yacht with T-Pain and Akiva. Meanwhile, the crew talks shit about Jorma stuck at home, while simultaneously telling us the tight shit they do while on the boat. Drinking Santana Champagne (yes Carlos Santana endorses champagne), swim trunks and flippy floppies, and fucking mermaids to name a few. This will easily be on my hit singles of 2009 list.

As a bonus, I want to give you a link to the hit video behind the genius of The Lonely Island’s music. I give you…I’m on a Boat. Gigantic shout out to mama Blanco for letting me know about the latter video. I try and start my day by watching this video. Enjoy it.

Until next time my friends.