I was first introduced to the music of the Dodos by a friend and musician. I was quickly addicted and I have since been looking for an opportunity to see them live. Unfortunately, when I finally did see them, the power went out on that one block in Hollywood.  The band came out to the stage and with very little banter with the audience they began their set. Playing new and older songs, I was very impressed by the musical skill and the all encompassing sound coming from a two man band. Vocals Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber took over the venue and  had the audience singing along and swaying with the music.

With one song to go, the lights went down and we thought for a moment, that the set was about to get a little moody and edgy. Sadly, we were wrong and the building had lost power due to the Southern California Santa Ana winds. The Dodos walked off stage without a word and a few minutes later a technician came out. Without the power of a mic and fighting against the confused conversations of a few hundred Angelinos he managed to tell us that we could wait but that for now the concert was on hold. The audience, made up of

20-somethings on dates and middle aged executive looking men, was incredibly calm and we were happy that we were not at a metal show that was cut short due to power. Everyone made their way to the wall to sit or gave up and went home. I'm glad that we waited! While The Dodos' set was cut short and we were not able to see much of Calexico, we were treated to a quick acoustic set by the band. After about 30 minutes of talking to other audience members, in the dark, we were informed that the electricity would be on "anytime between now and 7am" (that helps.. thanks). So the band came out with a standup bass, accordion, guitar, vocals, everything they normally would, but sans electric help. They were illuminated by the cell phones of the audience and played one song.

They were apologetic though we knew that they did not cause the outage. They made a heartfelt promise to return for a full set.

While I wish you better luck with the winds and power, I do recommend that you see The Dodos if you get a chance. They make for a great low key date night show or a night out with friends.





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