Picture 110As I write this review I am sitting here with headphones on and The Crash Kings blaring. Sometimes a band grows on you, sometimes they don't and on rare and lovely occasions, their first few notes blow you away. The Crash Kings are the latter. The Troubadour was filled with hipster Hollywood, the smell of weed and more hat with non-prescription glasses than I remember seeing outside Silverlake. When the band came out the audience erupted in screams. I had never seen them play live but I was told that I would love them. I wanted to see for myself. They more than met my expectations. Playing the first few notes took over the venue and I was sold. I've had Lonely War in my head since. It is a song with piano driven rock tones and a lovely story. The band, while they put on a great show at the Troubadour, has a big venue feel with a dark an intimate tone. The tow the line between old school rock and new school piano infused pop. They have removed the guitar from the band and while this has been done in the past, they are the only ones that I know of in the up and coming scene using the "Whammy bar" with a piano. The official name of the "whammy bar" is a castlebar and it sits a top (and inside) the clavinet and bends the notes to get the crazy guitar like sound. It is a unique and musically and visually something you should experience. Picture 115

If I were to make a movie from their music it would be a dark noir with Lonely War as the theme. It would be an amazing movie! Can someone make it, please?! Lonely War was my favorite of the night. It was an amazing reminder of the beautiful addition that a Piano can be to a rock trio. The band, with their new drummer, will be hitting the road for a three month North American tour. See them when they get to you! Their show at the Troubadour was the kickoff and new album celebration. Lead vocalist, Antonio Beliveau, joked, "This is our kickoff show. It's a little bit of a practice!" They pulled of one hell of a practice. I hope to see them in a larger venue soon.


Opening band Atomic Tongues, put on a great set warming up the audience. I'd be happy to see them again as well as they continue their travels.

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See you at the shows!


(Photos by Photobytamea.com)

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