kavinsky outrun The 2011 film Drive was one of my favorites, its style, attitude and amazing soundtrack creating quite a formidable piece of filmmaking. Ryan Gosling's creepily effective turn as a near-silent hitman who barely speaks throughout the film was impressive, too.

But back to that soundtrack - glittery, 1980s-tinged electro/pop accompanied the film's moodiness, creating a cinematic atmosphere of relaxed tension (if that even makes any sense).

The star of the soundtrack was French house musician/DJ Kavinsky (real name Vincent Belorgey). His song Nightcall was used so effectively it's all I think of when I think of the movie (well that, and Gosling's pouting face):


Kavinsky just released his full-length debut, OutRun, on February 25th - and it's phenomenal.

A note about me - it takes quite a lot to impress me in terms of electronic music. I'm not really big on that whole scene - but Kavinsky does it right.

OutRun is a theme album, bookended by an ominous narrator discussing the plight of a mysterious night driver who becomes intertwined with his car (again the themes of cars, drivers, and nighttime come into play - Kavinsky knows what works).

Musically, OutRun is almost Daft Punk-ian in terms of its beeps, blips, and overall feel, but they all gel together seamlessly. The song Suburbia comes along with a guest rapper, which is odd in comparison to the other, almost entirely instrumental songs, but it works.

In addition to Nightcall, which makes an appearance here as well, another highlight is ProtoVision. Here's its video:


So yeah - if you saw Drive and loved the soundtrack, you'll appreciate OutRun like I do. If you're into synth-heavy, retro-sounding electro/house suited for a dark cruise around the neighborhood, OutRun is for you.

Bravo, Kavinsky, you've made a fan out of someone that doesn't normally dig electronic music very much.

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