passafire vines artwork Back in 2009, reggae/rock hybrid Passafire released Everyone On Everynight, a record that received high marks around these parts. Two years after that, they came back with the similarly solid Start from Scratch, and now they're ready for more.

Next week, the band will release Vines, their debut for Easy Star Records.

Recorded at Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, Texas and finished at the band's personal studio, the music on Vines definitely sounds like the product of a relaxed, organic creation process. First thing's first, they've continued to hone their skills at blending the best aspects of proggy-reggae-rock with their own signature flair.

Here's the album's lead single, Earthquake:

If you've slept on Passafire for their first four albums, allow this to be your wake-up. Vines is well worth your time if you're into inventive reggae-tinged alternative rock, as few bands around do it as well as these guys.

They're still on tour for a few more days in Florida, here's the schedule:

  • Nov 06 @ Vinyl Music Hall. Pensacola, FL
  • Nov 07 @ High Dive. Gainesville, FL
  • Nov 08 @ Freebird Live. Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • Nov 09 @ SideBar. Tallahassee, FL

Head over to the Easy Star Records page to pre-order a copy of Vines and support the band!

Here's a full album stream, as a preview of the record:

passafire band

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