After releasing their sophomore album, Olympia, in the summer of 2014, Austra are back with an EP called Habitat. The four-track solution to your summer of misery features Austra's typical breed of dark wave music--almost baroque in nature. The concise, well-thought out vocals and musical accompaniments prove that Austra is always a welcome addition, no matter how small the dose. Album cover for Habitat

The opening track, "Habitat," is a rich, dramatic song that is the most obvious single material on the EP, which is probably why Austra released a video for it that emphasizes the need to have a warm body near you at any (literal) cost. With lead singer Katie Stelmanis narrating intermittently from her vantage point as a hotel maid, the video is definitely in keeping with their distinctly ghoulish style. "Doepfer," an even more sinister song that at first, builds slowly and then often teeters in and out of a musical k-hole.

"Bass Drum Dance" is, like "Doepfer," also instrumental with an equally foreboding tone. The concluding track, "Hulluu" (not to be confused with Hulu), sees Austra at the apex of their fondness for darkly tinged synth beats--with a menacing whispered chant to match. All in all, Habitat may be signaling an altogether new direction for Austra's third album, and we love where it's going.