For those of you wondering what the little brothers (not really) of Coheed and Cambria would sound like, look no further, as I have done the work for you.

The latest given to me by the boys at JPC3 (of Loomis and the Lust fame) gave me the latest cd by Boston rockers, Westland. Funny name for a band from the East, but at least they know where their hearts lie. Especiallly with their mainly- Californian upcoming Back to the U-Tour (GREAT SCOTT!), which will gain the love of several of the…finer specimens we have to offer here on the west coast.

Westland just released Don’t Take It Personal, an album that opens with a “let’s be really real” message to the ladies that the boys from Boston don’t have time for all the games all you girls play. I’ll say first that this is one of the best mixed albums I’ve heard from a first time around band in quite some time. Don’t get me wrong, the band has plenty of talent, but the mixing was the vehicle to get us to these up and coming heartthrobs.

As I said before, the album follows a theme of calling girls on their bullshit and living life to the fullest; with an additional head-shake to those guys feeling sorry for themselves. It’s rare that people from my generation get the concept of getting off their asses and doing something with their life. Also, I felt like the spirit of Coheed and Cambria was with the band, with front man Aaron taking the reins. C and C might have a run for their money with this vocal talent.

But what’s a good front man without his band? Ryan and Jon give their guitars the familiar pop love that we know and love, but with a little bit of extra edge to set them apart from the rest. The guitars throughout the album ring later on with power and the ability to stand up to pop rockers and college girls alike.

Jeff is a solid pop bass player, with a strong partnering to his awe wielding brethren. It’s nice to hear acoustic guitar and the bass becoming a tandem trip to keep the bands talent well groomed and energetic.

I think a standout member of the band however though, is drummer Carlo, who has his drumming talent down flat. But in conjunction with this, I liked the added electronic element mixed into songs like the intro to We Were. I also loved it during the title track, Don’t Take It Personal (at about the: 55 mark), and think it would set this band apart in the live show.

The whole album felt familiar, but in a good way. As I’ve said with pop music, its not really about making something new, but rather to make something familiar and do it correctly. I have faith that this band will be making its way to mainstream television fairly soon, and Im glad I was the one to introduce you. Check out their MySpace to find out (for the boys) when your girlfriend will leave you, and at what college campus. Ladies, if you like long haired rockers, get those skinny jeans and tight tops ready. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Until next time my friends,


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