Back in November, Behind the Hype prepared you for Amy Winehouse's impending posthumous album. Today, Lioness: Hidden Treasures is finally here--and it's a magical, yet morose-tinged collection. With tracks you've heard before and some you haven't, Lioness has something for every variation of the Amy Winehouse fan, including the devout fan ("Best Friends, Right?"), the middle-aged fan ("Body and Soul" featuring Tony Bennett), and the hipster fan ("Like Smoke" featuring Nas).

With new versions of some of Winehouse's most lauded songs from Back to Black, particularly "Tears Dry" (which later became "Tears Dry on Their Own") and "Wake Up Alone." The 60s-centric princess of modern soul also covers her fair share of ground when it comes to paying homage to her favorite decade. "The Girl From Ipanema" is a sultry remake of the classic bossanova song from 1962, while "Our Day Will Come," the first single from the album, is Winehouse's rendition of the 1963 Ruby & the Romantics song.

"Between The Cheats" is another song that could easily be present on a compilation of 1960s hits. With its whistling and strong backing vocals, Winehouse flaunts her knowledge of a genre that she usurped some of the most renowned Motown stars in. Her remake of the seminal Shirelles song "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" is also a highlight of the album.

Winehouse's undeniable knack for emulating the style of classic girl groups like The Ronettes and The Supremes while still infusing everything with her own brand of originality is present throughout all of Lioness. One of music's saddest missed collaborations, in fact, is Phil Spector and Amy Winehouse. Is it unheard of to hold out hope that he might remix one of her songs from prison? Behind the Hype thinks not.