The last single we heard from Lily Allen was a feminist-charged anthem called "Hard Out Here." Allen received the gamut of commentary for the song and video, ranging from the positive to the accusatory (specifically, that she was racist). On her latest offering, which is still from an as of yet untitled album, it seems Allen is deliberately taking a neutral, non-incendiary stance on life in discussing the lovely escapism of imagination. Air balloon escape plan.

In a tone and musical style that reminds one of M.I.A., Allen paints us a picture of being trapped in a room she doesn't want to be in (take that to mean a doctor's office, workplace or essentially any place that isn't your own abode). Like so many disinterested in what they're doing, she admits, "When I'm bored, I kinda drift away." Mirroring the whimsy that comes with letting one's mind wander, Allen sings lyrics like, "Did I ever tell you my uncle's monkey ran away from the zoo?" that, in many respects, reminds one of the esoteric Madonna song, "Dear Jessie," in which she croons, "Pink elephants and lemonade/Dear Jessie hear the laughter running through the love parade."

Knowing full well that it's impossible to evade the responsibilities of the everyday, Allen develops a strategy to deceive reality as she urges, "Come meet me in the sky/I'll be waiting for you/And we can't hear what they say/Up in my air balloon, air balloon." Her imagination escalates to more vivid levels as the song progresses, leading her to envision Kurt Cobain and Elvis Presley in her midst with the utterance, "I don't usually drop names/But Kurt Cobain is all in my face/How the hell am I gonna tell him Elvis already took first place?"

Dream/drink your problems away.

In highlighting the value of an active daydream life, Allen also illuminates the valuelessness of an excessive working life, asserting, "I'm not sure why we work all day." Neither is anyone else making under six figures, Lily, neither is anyone else.