NO Bradley Hanna CarterThe Troubadour is one of my favorite venues, and the house was full for the LA based boys of NO. Backstage before the show, everyone was in high spirits and ready to get the show started. Following a great set by Thrillionaire, NO took to the stage to a screaming crowd. I am always thrilled when good people get much deserved recognition and these guys are making it happen! Coming back from a great run at SXSW where they were named the #1 new band to see, they are back and ready to play and promote more music. For the band, made up of Bradley, Sean, Reese, Mike, Ryan, and Simon, this was their first show in LA this year and the first LA show for their newest addition, Simon. He has been a great addition adding a depth to the live show and will I'm sure be a great push for the new album, out later this year.

NO Mike Walker

When the next album jumps out, I'll be sure to encourage an interview from a couple of the guys.

Enjoy some photos from my night out at The Troubadour!

Picture 72NO Reese RichardsonNO Simon Oscroft

Picture 76

On a personal note, Mom and Dad Ohio were at the show and loved it, even though my mom said that she stuck out in the crowd like a "turd in a punch bowl".  That's my mama, and she's no turd, but she and my dad did enjoy their first visit to LA and their first true LA show.

Toward the end of the show, the band's frontman thanked the enthusiastic LA audience for supporting independent music. The band has been working as an independent band and they are a great reminder of the vibrance of upcoming and new music. So all of my BTH loves out there, support new and independent music! If you like a band, show it and show your support.

Since the show at the Troubadour, I was invited out to a last minute secret show in Hollywood. The venue was described as a bit "swanky". Expensive drinks, lost of high stilettos and 20 somethings at reserved tables all turned to the front when NO took to the stage. The friends I made for the moments before the show were quite impressed by the band. New fans were made and I'm sure will be kept.

NO Sean Stentz

Till next timeNO Ryan Lallier









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