Few things make me happier than seeing great bands earn new fans. While their name may make them hard or nearly impossible to find on line, NO is making a name for themselves in the LA area and beyond. (and to help you out, you can find them at nomusicfor.me)

I was introduced to the guys of NO in 2011 at The Bootleg theater and I was instantly impressed by their talent as musicians and performers. Holding their musical standards high, they are constantly putting on great shows in the LA and San Diego areas. Look for them later in the year in more locations. For now, they are one of some great up and coming bands that we in the Echo Park area of LA are more than happy to have around.


The band's first 12" is now available at shows and on line. The free EP, Don't worry you'll be here Forever, is available for download and will not disappoint. Personally I have been listening to Stay with Me and Another Life on a loop and I will not apologize for the repetition.


Check out some photos I shot of the set on Tuesday night. I cannot lie, the Echoplex has become a favorite venue and I always jump at the change to give it a visit.




All for now my loves.

Till next time, from Ohio in LA, enjoy some new music from www.nomusicfor.me