The Return of Marky Mark

See, I knew the sport had it in him. Don't remember who Marky Mark is? How about Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch? Or as Mama Blanco reminded me, the song Chevy Chase is singing at the beginning of Vegas Vacation? C'mon, you know you remember that song Good Vibrations of his 1991 hit album Music For the People. Yes my friends that’s correct, I’m talking about OG New Kids on the Block member turned actor, Mark Wahlberg.

Rumor has it, that the actor has recently gotten back in touch with his apparent “roots” again (meaning hes trying to be black again), saying that “Barack inspired a part of me that hasn’t been around a long while! (laughs)” while on the set of his latest action flick, Max Payne last year. I heard that interview, but I thought he was kidding, but apparently not.


At any rate, he’s a bonafide badass, and while he was in with the funky bunch, the group landed a number 1 Heatseekers Chart spot. The album Music for the People went platinum, and led to the sophomore album by the group, entitled You Gotta Believe, released in 1992. The album didn’t even chart anywhere near the top 50 on the Billboard Charts, which in turn led to us never really hearing about them again.

Don’t worry, all this struck me as strange too...but also strangely comforting. I have a lot of love for the guy personally, for bringing me the guys answer to Sex and the City, HBO’s Entourage. But the guys’ not in it alone you see. You’ve probably heard about New Kids on the Block getting back together recently, and while in the studio, Mark went in to cut a few tracks with his brother Donnie.

It’s been rumored that there’s an introductory track by Bill Cosby, which should be interesting, seeing as how one loves saggy pants, and the other wants a law against it (guess who wants what). This can mean a few things. Can we assume that Bill Cosby has welcomed the rap world with open arms, and an agreement has been reached? I mean after all, with President Obama around, some strange inspiration has been found as of late.


Furthermore, the album is being produced by brother Donnie Wahlberg, as well as Scott Storch (my favorite Jewish producer), DJ Khaled, The Runners, Kanye West, and others. You may be thinking that there’s no possible way that this could go wrong, but great collaborations don’t always go as planned. Remember when Patrick Stewart was the voice of the king in Elder Scrolls Oblivion? No? Well it was a clusterfuck to say the very least. But alas, time will tell.

Until Next time my friends.