I feel like this one slipped right under my nose. Thanks to my homeboy Kurt M., I came across a rare album, from the daughter of British comedian Keith Allen. If you're not familiar with the stylings of the glorious Lily Allen, she's the one with the attitude of a political rights activist, and the fashion sense of a British hipster.

Britain and its upstarts lately have been getting into the news with more oomph lately. People like M.I.A., Madonna, and now Lily Allen have been getting their feet wet in the political world with their "fuck you" attitude. Hell, Lily's latest album entitled It's Not Me, It's You has a track titled after my favorite F-Word for our ex-president.

But the nitty you want, and the nitty you'll get. Back in February, Lily released her second studio album, It's Not Me, It's You. I feel like the themes I can arbitrarily slap onto this album are disappointment in love, and disappointment in politics/society. Greg Kurstin produced the album, and you may recognize his work from working with Sia, Rilo Kiley, Beck, or maybe even the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Greg did a little work on Allen's first album, but came back to the game strong, and debuted at number 1 on the UK sales charts. I can agree that this album can be hailed in the annals of originality and partially for its musical production. That's not to say the music itself is subpar, but they don't hit me the same way that Timbaland beats do, if that makes any sense. But I digress.


The album has a great opener, Everyone's at It; which talks about how just about everyone is on drugs and all those same people have some bullshit excuse for taking them. This was a heavy hit to society, and I think it's rightly played by Allen, as instead of complaining, she's also letting us know that when she tries to get involved they shoot her down simply because she's partied a bit in her day. Here's a bit of the lyrics:

I'm not trying to say, That I'm smelling of roses, But when will we tire, Of putting shit up our noses.

I don't like staying up, Staying up past the sunlight. It's meant to be fun, And this just doesn't feel right.

Why can't we all, All just be honest, Admit to ourselves, That everyone's on it.

Track 4, 22, is the definitive wakeup call to all you ladies out there who want to sit around and wait to be taken care of. Mentions of one night stands, and a so-so job highlight the death throes of the self esteem and poor judgment in our society make this a must listen to for you ladies either stuck, or on your way down that road.


Fuck You, the 8th track on this cd, is an interesting and entertaining bit of music. Originally intended for the British National Party, but later was meant for George W. Bush (the songs title even used to be GWB). This isn't one of those songs that vaguely touches on the person its making fun of, but instead is quite blatant. Take a look:

Do you get, Do you get A little kick out. Of being small minded You want to be Like your father His approval your after Well that's not how You'll find it Do you Do you really enjoy Living a life That's so hateful Cause there's a hole Where your soul Should be You're losing Control of it And it's really Distasteful


But my favorite gem on this lovely album stands out in the form of track 3. This one is about the latest love interest of Lily, and while he's a complete sweetheart, he just isn't good in bed, which brings us the title Not Fair. Below is a snippet of the lyrics, and  here's the link to the music video. The music video gets bonus points for pay homage to the Porter Wagoner show from the 1970's.

Oh I lie here in the wet patch In the middle of the bed I'm feeling pretty damn hard done by I spent ages giving head Then I remember all the nice things that you ever said to me Maybe I'm just overreacting maybe you're the one for me

This album is great if you want to add to that collection of CDs that help define the times, or if you just love a good ol cockney sounding album. Lily stands out of the crowd, and some might say shes trying to hard, but I think some people just aren't trying hard enough to make themselves known. So often we see kids who left everything to move here for their spot at fame, but don't want to step on any toes or work too hard. Lily made it happen, despite the heat she might create from her edgy lyrics. Take a listen and grab this one while it's hot.

Until next time my friends,