You know those moments at concerts when you’re pleasantly surprised by an opening act?

That happened to me when I went to see Hanson at House of Blues Sunset a few weeks ago.

Their name is Karmina, and they really have a knack for gorgeous melodies. The group, originally based in Kailua, Hawaii, is comprised primarily of sisters Kelly and Kamille Rudisill. They won a contest to open the show that night at HOB, and it’s easy to see why.

Kamille plays guitar and sings most of the songs, and the strength of her voice nearly blew me away. Sister Kelly plays the keyboard and adds some backup vocals here and there, and she also has a great voice.

Something about the combination of Kamille and Kelly’s voices really translates well, especially in the live setting. Songs like Slow Down, with its infectious refrain and fast-paced rhythm is the standout track on their Facebook page, and it sounded great live. I tried to snatch up one of their free two-song demo CD’s that they were handing out, but I had no luck.

I also really liked the song Monsters, mostly due to its clever wordplay and the haunting, layered vocals by the girls.

I hadn’t heard of Karmina before that night, but apparently they’ve already had some songs featured on television shows such as The Cleaner and 90210, so they’re clearly on the rise.

I’d suggest you take a listen if you dig soulful, passionate music filled with extremely rich melodies and sung by two women with incredibly impressive vocal skills.

Getting to the show early that night was definitely a good idea.

Here's a little video they put together highlighting their night opening for Hanson:

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