Monks of Mellonwah have the sound of that 3 Doors Down/Hoobastank era of bands--perhaps the fact that they're Australian is understandably why their many years late on the trend. Their latest album, Ghost Stories, the first in a three part volume of releases, is often melancholic and occasionally inspired (though those moments are few and far between). The video for the first single, "Ghost Stories," is equal parts Girl, Interrupted and the "Virtual Insanity" video from Jamiroquai. As compared with the other offerings on the four-track album, it's not necessarily the strongest choice for the lead single. Joe de la Hoye, lead guitarist.

"Vanity," the second track on Ghost Stories, maintains the same angsty, juvenile vibe. Strong, ribald guitar riffs are the standout elements of the song, with lyrics that are largely forgettable as lead vocalist Vikram Kaushik repeats, "Vanity, vanity/You're stretching my insanity, sanity." It's not exactly the catchiest or most sense-making chorus. The concluding song, "Sailing Stones," is the most akin to a Creed type offering--therefore the most Christian sounding. The spiritual nature is punctuated with the lyrics, "I feel alive like none before/Don't break my fall/Sailing away blind of what's in store." Of the four tracks on Ghost Stories (including the fifty-seven second intro), it is by far the least enjoyable. Hopefully, with the next volume in the Ghost Stories series, Monks of Mellonwah will have something more substantial to offer.