Best Coast has been coasting (yeah, it's a little too clever, but I had to say it) off the success of their debut album, Crazy For You, since July of last year. Thus, it seems appropriate that they would be the latest band to hop on the iTunes Session train toward additional album sales. Although there are only a few new songs on the EP, Best Coast actually comes across as an extremely impressive acoustic/live act.

The album kicks off with a previously unreleased track called "Over the Ocean." Lead singer Bethany Cosentino's usual motif of ennui and dissatisfaction remains present in the lyrics: "Flying over the ocean always makes me feel so low/I remember looking out the window seeing nothing but blue and grey." Following "Over the Ocean" is a stripped down version of their best loved single, "Crazy For You."

Other tracks that can also be found on Best Coast's full-length release, as well as this iTunes Session, include "Goodbye," "Boyfriend," "When I'm With You," and "Our Deal." The standout songs are, naturally, the ones that cannot be found elsewhere, such as the band's revamped version of the Loretta Lynn classic "Fist City," a cautionary tale about what happens to women who fuck other women's boyfriends.

Cosentino's vocal introduction on "When I'm With You" is another highlight of the EP as she croons the opening lyrics acapella. In the interview portion of the album, Cosentino notes that she has grown more comfortable with the sound of her own voice, whereas, before, she would insist on ladening her songs with heavy guitar riffs to mask what she viewed as her singing imperfections.

Cosentino's self-deprecation persists throughout most of the interview, from discussing her decision to leave Brooklyn and return to Los Angeles to her incredulity over originally wanting to call the band Sun Dried (as in, yup, sun dried tomato. Because she's Italian and likes the sun). While I'm not generally one to be bowled over by the iTunes Sessions gimmick, Best Coast delivers several propitious punches on this exclusive EP.