A few weeks ago I went to the Satellite and was happy that the line up brought me some more music to enjoy. Hotel Cinema was great so I was happy to see them again this weekend at El Cid. After making friends at the bar and meeting up with some old ones, the music got started and we made it inside for the show. The band puts on an energetic but also very emotional set. The songs come seem to come from personal experiences that we can all relate to but they are expressed beautifully.

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After the set, I spoke with Keeley, lead vocals, about the band. Their writing style has an electronic based strategy but changes from song to song.
The writing process changes, sometimes I'll start something on piano or guitar and bring it to Mark and we'll finish it that way. Other times he'll start building some crazy sounds in ProTools and we'll build from there- but we always develop the fullidea together by recording it/producing it and then bringing it to our band.
 The band members have known eachother for quite some time, but they have not always been making music together.
Mark and I knew each other while attending college in Boston, but didn't start making music together until we both separately moved to LA. At one point, I was just experimenting by writing some weird vocal/barritone ukulele things to old silent films (Rabbit Hole- the first track from our EP was done this way to the first film adaptation of Alice in Wonderland from 1903). I showed Mark and it just kind of clicked. He brings the really interesting compositional soundscapes from his film scoring background and I bring the songwriting/lyrical aspect from mine to the sound. I think we're both just really drawn to weird sounds, so it works out!
With strong support from the LA radio scene, the band has been making a name for themselves.  We'll have some things to look forward to in the coming year.
We released our debut EP in January and got some instant KCRW play, which was pretty awesome. Picture 73Since then, we've been playing shows pretty consistently in LA and a few in San Francisco with our band. (Steve Bone on drums, Ricky Bakken on bass & Greg Martin on guitars). We're currently in the process of making our follow up record, but will be playing pretty consistently in the LA area as we do that. You can expect a music video for "Haunting," pretty soon as well as some new singles probably in the fall.
For yet another great upcoming LA based band, keep an eye on these guys. See you at the show!
Till next time,
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