Maybe it has to do with being from Barbados or using Madonna as a source of inspiration, but Rihanna is definitely a pop star who falls into the category of "can't stop, won't stop." On the heels of her previous two albums, Rated R (2009) and Loud (2010), Rihanna has just released the dance-tinged Talk That Talk. Already, the album has spawned a number one, "We Found Love" featuring Calvin Harris, and, based on the other songs on the siren's sixth LP, this is only the beginning of her record-breaking success.

Produced largely by Dr. Luke and StarGate, much of Talk That Talk is suffused with the raw sexual energy that Rihanna has become known for. Songs like "Cockiness (Love It)" showcase the artist's lack of inhibitions with lyrics like, "Suck my cockiness, lick my puh-suasion/Eat my words, and then swallow your pride down, down." The lasciviousness continues on "Birthday Cake" as she croons, "Come and put your name on it/It's not even my birthday, but you wanna lick my icing off/I know you want it in the worst way." So yeah, Rihanna's pretty comfortable with innuendos.

But that doesn't mean the Barbadian sex goddess isn't fond of singing about a holding hands type of love. Tracks like "You Da One," "Where Have You Been," "We All Want Love," and "Farewell" are all a bit less sexually explicit, focusing on either the euphoria of finding love or the sadness of losing it.

Another highlight on Talk That Talk is the song of the same name featuring Jay-Z. Although they're never going to recapture the perfection of "Umbrella" together, it still works as a great track to bump in your car or on the dance floor. As far as Behind the Hype is concerned, this album is among her best, proving that quality is actually possible with quantity. Because no one in the music industry has been this prolific since Missy Elliott (where is that ho anyway?).