With its obvious homage to the 1987 Public Enemy track "Bring the Noise," the first "official" single ("Bad Girls" was taken from her 2010 Vicki Leekx mix tape) off M.I.A.'s fourth studio album, Matangi, is in keeping with the controversial rapper's musical style. Produced by Switch--who has worked with M.I.A. on her past three albums--the vivacious beat proves a worthy contender for anthem of the summer. Frenetic and visceral, as most M.I.A. songs are, "Bring the Noize" is yet another tantalizing preview of things to come on Matangi. Single cover for "Bring the Noize"

Chanting "Bring the noise when we run upon them," it is immediately evident that M.I.A. still hasn't lost her political flair. In keeping with the lively tone of "Bad Girls," "Bring the Noize" showcases M.I.A. at her strongest--with rap skills that have been even more finely tuned since the polarizing /\/\ /\ Y /\ (Maya). As of yet, Matangi still has no release date--purportedly due to stylistic differences with her record label, Interscope. But if we ever are finally allowed to listen to the rest of it, the album is likely to be among her best work.

Listen to the track below.



AuthorSmoking Barrel