Let’s be honest, B.O.B. deserves a B.a.R.F. I don’t do them often, but I do think that this album deserved to be broken down in a way that only the BaRF can explain properly. The Adventures of Bobby Ray tell some of the stories of the newest star out of Atlanta, and truth be told, he brought something new to the table. I think this a step in the right direction for the rock and rap music collaboration movement, and after this review, you’ll know what I mean.

Beats- 7/10

This album’s beats did crack the mold, but I would exactly say broke them. Still though, for a first album I loved bumping the tracks in the car. Bet I immediately had me thinking of what the perfect club beat should sound like. It easily painted a picture of the sultry, sexy women who pour themselves into little black dresses at the club. There’s a point where a club beat gets to rough for a woman to dance smoothly too, but even with the Nintendo keyboards in the background, I loved it.

The best beat on the album, and I’m sure most will agree was track 9, Fame. Produced by the Knux, Jackpot and HamSquad; It holds the charm of blending old electric guitar, even older samples from the prime days of music, with that modern twist. With two of the three producers being newcomers (at least in the spotlight) Fame should entitle them to just that. I’ll go ahead and predict you’ll catch this track on the next Entourage soundtrack.

Rhymes- 8/10

This album rocked the rhymes throughout, but I feel like the strongest contenders were the two last songs on the album. I feel like finishing strong is something that’s lacking in not just rap at times, but with music in general. I want to listen to the last song and ask for an encore, not “what the hell just happened?”

5th Dimension takes the Del tha Funky Homosapien route and rhymes about how badass he is, whilst keeping sci fi elements the driving factor of the track. Grant Del was telling more of a story with his sci fi, Bobby used sci fi in a way that I still felt was creative and original.

Featurettes- 8/10

The Adventures of Bobby Ray was chock full of great artists: Lupe Fiasco, Hayley Williams (of Paramore fame), of course you had T.I. on there, hell; even Rivers Cuomo from Weezer jumped on a track. But the best of the bunch came at the end of the adventure, Airplanes Pt. 2.

Airplanes Pt. 2 was a pleasant surprise. I try not to read who features on an album until after I’ve listened to the whole thing, and this was one of the better guest stars I’ve heard on an album in a while. It’s been a little bit for me, but Eminem really brought it to the table and impressed me. Sure he talks about his troubled past, but it felt very welcome alongside the storytelling of B.O.B. Hayley Williams came back for the second part, to round out what I consider the best song on the album.

B.O.B. made himself a welcome member to the Grand Hustle family, and is definitely great live. I had the pleasure of checking the talented multi instrumentalist’s set at Coachella, and he knows how to get the crowd hyped. But don’t take my word for it. Give it a listen.

Until next time my friends, ~Flak

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