deltronevent2 At long last, Deltron 3030 has returned from a decade long intergalactic campaign to bring the people together. The year is now 3040, and after the collapse of everything society held dear, Deltron Zero and Automator pick up the pieces in their new album, Deltron 3030: Event II. Their first (and only other) album is still in my Top Ten Albums of All Time, and this is an excellent sequel. Some of the best storytelling skills in the game, laid atop the production skills of Dan the Automator are unique enough to stand alone for new listeners, while also warming the hearts of the 13-year-hiatus listeners.

Deltron Banner There is so much content, I can’t really tell you my favorite. The question is, are all of the guests on the album old school fans too? To start, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did the intro to catch us up since the mighty duo left. The Return, is the first Deltron-voiced track, and by some may be considered the second part to 3030 from the first album. The lyrics depict the war torn world that the Rhyme Federation vet and mastermind Automator have happened upon. Right away, most people hear Del’s voice and think of Gorillaz. To clear the air, Del (the Funkee Homosapien) featured on a few tracks, but isn’t in Gorillaz. Interestingly enough, Damon Albarn joins to sing the dreary, wounded chorus on track 12, What is This Loneliness?

by Darren Samuelson

The futurist skits have returned on Event II, with guest stars David Cross, and his wife\actress Amber Tamblyn on the two part Lawnchair Quarterback, Professional Chef David Change on The Future of Food, and even The Lonely Island on Back in the Day. Zack De La Rocha jumps on the perfectly named Melding of the Minds, with both mic-wreckers working on similar yet oddly timed lyrical execution.

Del by Ian

Above all else, Pay the Price is the definition of why Deltron 3030 is great. Imaginiative folks will be able to follow along to the condrum of greedy corporate assholes in the year 3040. Coupled with the expert production and tuning skills of Dan the Automator, tracks like The Agony and Talent Supercedes shine.

Deltron 3030 is fresh off tour and probably on one, so check out Deltron 3030: Event II, and even the first album if you’re feeling adventurous. Event II is out now.

Until next time my friends,