I celebrated my birthday yesterday in just about the best way possible: skanking the night away at House of Blues Sunset with Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, and Suburban Legends.

I wasn't going to write a full-on recap of the show because, well, it's obvious just how awesome the night was, considering the bands playing. RBF did their thing, playing all the tongue-in-cheek, brass-laden songs that have made them one of the world's best ska bands for about fifteen years or so.

Goldfinger was good too, with 43-year old frontman John Feldmann channeling his inner 24 year old, jumping around (and stage-diving about four times). They didn't lack energy, in fact they were more lively than I was expecting.

You know that feeling you get when you see a band for the first time in YEARS? Yeah, I had that last night. I've seen Suburban Legends, the LA-based ska/power pop ensemble about six or seven times in my life, but not since about 2004. I'd seen them play a bunch of times at iMusicast in Oakland, California (r.i.p.) over the years and their sets always put a smile on my face. They jump around, they dance in complicated choreography, and they have an extremely engaging stage show.

That said, I was surprised when they hit the stage last night with a different singer than I'd seen all those other times. The lead singer now is Vincent Walker, who actually used to play trombone in the band, back when I'd seen them. He replaced the old singer, Tim Maurer, in 2005, and has been doing that ever since.

Words can't really do SL much justice, as you have to see their show to really appreciate the fun and dancing that goes on. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

They played a few songs from Rump Shaker, the album I remember from 2003, and a few tunes from their other releases, every single one of them being a blast, especially this little number, about a so-called rapist in Lincoln Park:

Walker said they have an EP and another full-length album coming out soon, so there should be more chances to get out there and dance the night away with them in the not-so-distant future.

By the time their achingly short 25-minute set was finished, I wanted more. That's what they do to you.

Yay ska!

Oh, and here are a couple other videos from last night as well. Enjoy!