I’ve been meditating on the idea of what to call my submission articles on the albums I receive from record labels, bands, and other media outlets. Finally it hit me tonight while driving home: This Just In.

Perfect right? I know. How is it different? Basically I will be writing articles in a slightly different format, because these are albums that were given to me, instead of the usual me seeking out albums before coming up with something for you to salivate over and gander upon.

It’s only fitting that I christen this process with a band that I have grown to love over the last couple of months, The Sick Puppies.

Today, the band releases their third studio album, Tripolar. Big up to Jules Exum for her hard work down there at Virgin Records, and getting me acquainted with the band. Originally from Australia, the band has done a little relocating, and now resides here in good ol’ Los Angeles.

The album hits you in the face with the song War, which is also featured in the Street Fighter 4 soundtrack. Any song that has a hard drum fill intro, followed by yelling “Let’s do this!” is going to be badass. That’s the best way to describe the bad, simply badass.

After hanging out and interviewing the band, I learned they are real, professional, and quite talented. From Mark Goodwin’s solid drumming, to Shimon Moore’s transforming voice (from Aussie to hard rock…never knew how accents disappeared like that), to the numbing bass pulse of Emma Anzai’s Warwick slapping.

The theme of the album seems to revolve around the idea of, as Shim told me, “losing your shit”…particularly on that bully that you’ve been itching to beat down for years. Put simply, this is the quintessential underdog revenge album. And this is where the originality lies; an album about us underdogs finally experiencing the idea that (as Evidence from Dilated Peoples says) ‘success will be the best revenge’.

I think one of the biggest challenges in the music industry today, is to make something that the mainstream will love, while still bring something original to the table. This is one of those bands that have a rough story; having trodden down to the depths of near failure, to then soar back to the top.

What’s important to note, is that the band has softer songs, with choruses that reminded me of Finger Eleven (particularly the last track, White Balloons) whilst also incorporating songs that are going to rock your face off (perfect example being War). This creates an original journey that parades past the mind’s eye.

At the end of the day I can say that first time listeners like myself will need to drop your bias of thinking that all mainstream is terrible. Believe it or not, bands are still having amazing stories of their ascension to the top of the rock world. Such is the case with the Sick Puppies, and I hope you make this album one for your collection as I did.

Until next time my friends,