AWay_LP1_stndCDbook_EDIT.qxd:CDbook_8pgPrinter301e_Q7.qxt This just in! Have you watched WWE Superstars lately? That band that does the introduction music had me scratching my head as to who it was. I’m all about discovering the themes of songs or entire albums, I believe that Invincible, the intro track on Las Vegas band Adelitas Way nailed it on this one.

This made me want to walk into the arena like a badass, introduce myself to the crowd, and then proceed to kick a grown man in the throat to take him down. Apparently this is all in a day’s work for the boys in Adelitas Way, as they will soon march their way into the arena of over 20 cities on their tour.

Their self titled album was released today, and will follow with a tour with The Sick Puppies, and Saliva around the country to (hopefully) body slam people in the mosh pit. While being a fresh new band, they are making a lot of headway in the eyes of hopeful legends such as Robert Knight (whom I had the honor of meeting recently); who believe this band will set its cornerstone in the music world this summer.

Chad Lehner over at EMI hit me in the head with this album not long ago, and I’m glad, as I’m again broadening my horizons in the rock album section of my collection. This seems like quite a versatile album to me, with songs like Invincible chopping my swiftly to the larynx; with a shift to songs like Last Stand to remind me of 3 Doors Down. Even so, this band stands on its own two feet, while building its name in the ranks in all the right ways.

The theme is the classic embodiment of rock meets love; and while there’s no Bret Michaels around, it does the trick for me. The ladies will jump all over the last track on the album, Brother, with its piano entrance, and personal touch to it, while the guys will put the first track, Invincible on repeat whilst riding around looking tough.

All said and done though, the third track, Dirty Little Thing got me hooked with its muffled, catchy-ass chorus in the intro, with country hints throughout the song. And I’m happy to hear that this rock album isn’t overly produced, and retains a legitimate amount of organic feel to it, just to lock in the personality of the band.

It’s important to understand, as I said with The Sick Puppies, it’s not mainstream that bothers me; it’s when it’s done incorrectly. This band did its homework before pushing forth their envelope. Fans of Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down, or even Guns N’ Roses will want to hear this album. Consider it a contender for the wave of bands trying to accomplish a worldwide re-up for rock music. Again, this one is out in stores today, to go out and cop yours to bump with the windows down.

Hell, even stop at a light to get out and kick a dude in the throat (you don’t need the spandex though).

Until next time my friends,