The Dead Ships Photobytamea.comThe Roxy has had some great dance shows recently but this past weekend it had a good old fashioned mosh pit. Though really it was just about 10 guys in a circle bouncing off of eachother. It was the kind of little mosh pit you could almost stand in and not really get hit. They were trying though. A for effort boys! The show was a bit of a mid-week night biker convention of sorts with a long time friend's retro bike club helping throw the party. Showing up on your bike saved you some cash and gave you a great place for the night. They seemed to have fun taking over the Roxy for a night. There were more helmets on the couches than I have ever seen there. The band that was playing when I walked in sounded a little bit like the angry guy on the street on Sunset. I talked with friends and was happy to know that the next band, Dead Ships was coming up shortly. A few more bikers came in as The Dead Ships made their way to the stage. Dead Ships put on a great show and were the highlight of the night. Though Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 10.54.59 PMno attempted moshing for them. Devlin McCluske, the frontman of the trio puts on quite a show and brings out the emotion and energy for the band. Dancing and singing along with the guys, the audience had a blast with the Dead Ships.  The room was all smiles and between sets, adult film star April O'Neal was the guest DJ. She put on a kick ass set and I think brought out some Dr.Who remixes.

A little note about the venue: The Roxy recently added a photo booth. Just a note to users, it is not as private as you think! Without trying, we saw one girl posing alone in the booth coming out with what I can only guess were butt shots, and one couple who very literally let everything hang out. Do what you've gotta do! Have Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.01.45 PMfun in there! But know, that whoever is sitting on the couches outside the booth can see you and is probably laughing. Not that we would ever make fun... not ever!

For more information on The Dead Ships and a sample of their music, visit their site here. Head out to one of their shows. They are one of the LA Echo Park bands to keep an eye on.


Cheers and til next time!


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